How does Typo3 handle the images I upload?

I am curious about "philsophy" about how Typo3 handles images. So I could directly upload the image for the content item via "select" (direct upload), or I can open a dialog in Typo3 where I can select user_uploads in Fileadmin from the images already uploaded.

Anyway, I've heard that Typo3 will always create a duplicate of the selected image, and I believe that Typo3 puts these duplicates in a temporary directory (which will grow more and more over time).

But I'm not sure how Typo3 will handle these images. What if I select an image from user_uploads and then change the order of the folder structure in the fileadmin / user_uploads area? Will the image I link to my content item still link to the user_uploads source even if I move folders? And what happens if I select things from exploded temp / cache folders?


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Images uploaded directly to the conntent element are usually saved in the uploads / folder . Images selected from already uploaded images in fileadmin / user_uploads / are copied to the uploads / folder . Therefore, these images are not "temporary" (as opposed to files created "on the fly" and saved in the typo3temp / folder ), and any deletion of images from the uploads / folder will result in missing files that can be easily restored only by restoring these images from a backup (and possibly database changes as well, as some inconsistency could have been created if the editors continued to work with TYPO3 between deleting and restoring the file).

The idea behind making copies is that it prevents the user from (accidentally) deleting the image (thus displaying incomplete content), since users do not / should not have access to uploads / . Any deletion of the original file in fileadmin / user_uploads / therefore does not affect the page output.



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