Magento bulk products load images but not showing in version greater than 1.6?

These are the following steps:

  • I created a category and added it to the Magento backend
  • System-> Import / Export-> "Export" csv file.
  • Removed the current values ​​of the already added product, then added it assigns new values ​​to it.
  • Copied this csv file to the media / import directory where images will also be presented. (value = / image001.Jpg)
  • Went to import and it is importing successfully.


Products with successfully loaded data


No matching images found while I see images uploaded to media / catalog / product folder .....

I have visited many blog forums, spent many hours on it, but in vain. So I am posting it here for the last time.

I would really appreciate if someone could post the whole process step by step with a sample Csv file and also tell us the required fields and values ​​for the ib brief fields.


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In my experience, you should make sure you put the snapshot information in all the right places in the import CSV file. The three sets of image columns (image, image_label; small_image, small_image_label; thumbnail, thumbnail_label) are what sets which image will be used for what purpose. And they represent one image for each product.

However, these are the media image columns (_media_attribute, _media_image, _media_lable (yep, with errors in Magento), _media_position, and _media_is_disabled) that actually define the image for the product. These columns of multimedia images should be filled in one row for each image. _media_attribute is the identifier for this attribute (77 in my experience). _media_image is the actual name of the image file in the media / import directory (case sensitive). _media_lable is the title you want in the image. _media_position is the relative order of images for this product. _media_is_disabled is a flag for each image that identifies whether the image is displayed in the product's media group or not.



I'll try this pcproffitt also:

I noticed that my CSV file only had columns (image, image_label; small_image, small_image_label; thumbnail, thumbnail_label) - this was from my Magento1.3 export, but when I try to import it, into the import, but no images were seen on site.

Then I found your answer that in the new version of Magento1.6 the column name is deferred (_media_attribute, _media_image, _media_lable (yes, with error in Magento), _media_position and _media_is_disabled)

Oops! I am bad at solving this. What would you suggest, since I have 7000 plus products and images on my old site to transfer :( Is there a way to do this to make it work?

Thanks sir!



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