What errors cannot be captured by the custom error page?

In XPages, we can define a custom error page that is displayed whenever a runtime error (500) occurs in the XPages application. However, there are a number of bugs that ignore this parameter (more deadly). So far I know:

  • Nesting a custom control inside itself (possibly done from the stack)
  • Java security bugs

What other errors are there that "break the error page"?


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Errors on the custom error page also generate a 500 error condition.



The whitespace id in the DIV tag will also do this (SPR SODY8RXCPS must check the constructor).


<DIV id=""></DIV> 


Bad coding anyway, the id shouldn't be there or matter.



if I find http://www.acme.com/demo.nsf and the demo.nsf database does not exist on the server, you get a 404 HTTP Server: Lotus Notes Exception - File does not exist.

but if you type http://www.acme.com/demo.nsf/home.xsp and home.xsp does not exist in the database, you get HTTP Server: Item Not Found Exception or Web Server HTTP: Failed find a design note even if you have an error page

in old domino development, you could create "$$" error pages in both applications, and you could also do this on the server by putting them in domcfg. but I'm not sure if any of these problems will solve this.



Anything that causes the JVM to crash cannot be captured i.e. memory errors or. (You will not be informed of the type of error on the server console if a stack overflow occurs).



A page that has been inactive for some time crashing on any event (full / partial refresh) being raised due to a session timeout.

Http Status Code: 400

Reason: Unknown or unsupported protocol version

This error is not handled on the XPages error page.



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