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we are being nudged into a phone call for a project to be completed as soon as possible. I'm just wondering what they see there as the best interface for a phone conversation. This app will be built for Android, but should be visible on both devices. I can use Mac or PC, the environment is no different, unfortunately version control is only present on PC. I personally thought about Dreamweaver .. but then I start to hear Notepad, Chrome and the default Eclipse environment. Anyone want to give me some general direction, decent connections. This is an enterprise by the way, so the backend would probably be more appropriate than the UI.

Oh, I'm proficient in both OS, but only a little bit in HTML5. I really prefer to do something initially and say .. PhoneGap.


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I would prefer that you use MAC OS because both Android and iOS could be developed on it. You will need to set up your phone conversation environment as for a mobile OS. For Iphone, you need Xcode, developer license and phonebook (iOS version). For Android, you need Eclipse, Android SDK and Phone Calls (Android version).

The iOS setup guide can be found here iOS Guide

Android Installation Guide can be found here Android Guide

Native coding is always better than others, but telephony will provide you with standardization. Just write the code once and it can be used on many OS besides Android and iOS.

And you have knowledge of both OS. So it will be easy for you. You just need to learn a little HTML5 and JavaScript.



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