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Quick question, I read that Microsoft is throttling toast notifications to 500 per day per subscription ... I'm just checking ... but is this on the phone correct? Not to a toast server? so if I have 1000 devices receiving 1 toast it is ok, but sending 1000 toasts per 1 device == bad ... right?



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It seems to me what kind of phone it is. However, you can remove this limit if you authenticate your server. From MSDN :

We recommend configuring an authenticated web service to send a notification to the Microsoft Push Notification Service because communication is done over HTTPS for better security. Verified web services have no daily limit on the number of push notifications they can send. Unauthorized web services on the other hand are throttled at 500 push notifications per subscription per day. For more information, see Configuring Authenticated Web Service to Send Push Notifications for Windows Phone.



Push notifications can run unauthorized or authenticated mode. In unauthenticated mode, the number and frequency of notifications allowed through the Microsoft Push Notification service is throttled (unauthorized push notifications are currently capped at 500 per day per channel).

For push notifications in authenticated mode, developers must first register a certificate with the Push Notification service through the Windows Phone Marketplace. The certificate must be issued by a Trusted Root Certification Authority. This certificate is then used to establish a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection between the Web service and the Push Notification service. Authenticated push notifications are not throttled.

-> Got this from MSDN so what is this phone. You can also find more information on how to be in authentication mode.



Yes, there is a limit of 500 per app per phone.

If you need to send more, you will need to get a certificate and sign your notifications.



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