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I'm new to websockets and I've been playing around with the Autobahn website to do a larger project. It works fine in python and js versions, but I'm having problems with Android API.

I am following the tutorials at and have tested SimpleRpc, BroadcastClient, EchoClient with the same results.

In all cases, when I try to connect to a running python server using the Android virtual emulator, the connection is automatically closed and if I open the connect button, the app crashes. If I compile the app and install it on my mobile device (Android 2.2.3) it crashes when I try to connect.

What am I doing wrong? My mistake might be you linking android libraries (jackson and autobahn-lastest), but I am following the instructions step by step.

NOTE 1: The minimum android sdk to compile the examples is SDK 8. NOTE 2 When linking autobahn-latest.jar, the duplicate manifest.xml error occurs. I solve it by erasing the manifest from the jar file.


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Please use / build the Autobahn library from the GitHub repo sources .. the JAR is out of date .. will not work. Perhaps I should document this / remove it.

Disclaimer: I am the author of Autobahn and work at Tavendo.



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