Can MonoTouch.Dialog be used with cascading data sources?

I have the equivalent of 3 cascading data sources or dropdowns. Since all data has to be created in front, would that be a good candidate for MonoTouch.Dialog, since the data of one item depends on the previous value?

An example of what I am trying to do: I have a list of client names and each client can have a list of projects and each project can have a list of tasks.

I like the UI of tables created by MT.D. If MTD is not a good fit for this, what would be a good approach to get a similar user experience? Should I create a separate UITableView and datasource for each item (Client, Project and Plan) with only one row?

The UI I'm trying to replicate has a single rounded table cell with a type on the left (like client), an ownership indicator on the right, and after the value is selected the value is on the right.


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Yes, you can! ... Just check out the Touch.Unit source code on github.

It shows you assemblies (first level), then test equipment (second level), then test cases (third level), and if it doesn't work, it will show you the details of the failure (at fourth level).

This is all generated dynamically when checking assemblies to find attributes [TestFixture]

for types.

Even if that doesn't match what you are looking for, you will find that setting up MonoTouch.Dialog is very easy. There are several questions (here on stackoverflow), samples (like TweetStation ) and tutorials on how to use it.



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