User Interface Technologies for Java EE Applications

I need advice from experts.

So far I have worked on Java and Java EE along with Unix scripts, etc. But everything was server side. Therefore, I have never touched the UI code other than occasional cosmetic changes.

But now I have one project in which we also need to work with the front-end.

As I learned from my colleagues, we need to know CSS, Html, Javascript, XSLT / XPath, etc. in order to create a user-friendly interface.

So you could kindly advise where to start. I feel like there are many things.

I tried to read these things separately, eg. CSS through the W3C, Javascript through the W3C, and I figured them out, but when that happens, all of this together, I waver. Request your suggestions to overcome this.


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I think you are mainly interested in web application development. Anyway, it's good to know CSS (mostly CSS3) and HTML (preferably HTML 5), as well as a javascript library like jQuery. As for web frameworks to start with. Here are some options. You can look around to see your pros and cons. So, here are some of them:

JSF 2.0 is a brilliant framework following the Model View controller pattern that can be combined with shelf javascript library for JSF like rich interfaces, transparency, icy elements to provide you with a rich web experience.

Groovy on Grails is also a great framework for allowing you to write in Groovy as well, starting usually at the domain level and automatically creating a scaffold to work with. Likewise, Ruby on Rails offers the ability to work with Ruby.

Spring MVC is also a great and popular framework to work with.

Django Python is a popular python writing environment, "Play!" framework for working with scala and many others.

So, choose the flavor you prefer and try to delve into its details. I hope I helped you.



If you are using Java EE, this stack already has a good UI framework called JSF.

Good text to start with - JSF 2.0 Tutorial with Eclipse and Glassfish



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