Silverlight: set DateTime property via XAML?

I have a class with DateTime field:

public class TimelineObject : FrameworkElement
        private DateTime date;
        public DateTime Date
            get { return date; }
            set { date = value; }


When I try to set a date in XAML like this

<TimelineObject Date="3/1/2011"/>


I am getting XAMLParseException:

Failed to create a 'System.DateTime' from the text '3/1/2011'. 


As far as I can see, the format of the string is correct (ShortDatePattern as described here ). What am I doing wrong?


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Try to create a TypeConverter for DateTime that converts DateTime to / from string values ​​and sets it using TypeConverterAtrribute on your Date property. Be careful, it is best to use InvariantCulture in a custom TypeConverter. In other cases, you will still have problems with client machines that may be using different culture settings.



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