(convert MATLAB script to Octave script) LaTeX rendering on an output plot

I am in the process of converting a Matlab script to Octave. I have pretty much completed the task, however I am having problems printing a specific LaTeX command correctly.

I changed the line in the m script to:

ylabel('Foobar $F=\frac{A}{B}$','Fontsize',20,'FontWeight','Bold','interpreter','latex');



ylabel('Foobar $F=\frac{A}{B}$','Fontsize',20,'FontWeight','Bold','interpreter','tex');


However, this does not display correctly (the original symbol in the graph is complete with format specifiers).

I don't understand why this is the case, as I have been successfully using LaTeX commands in the same plot - and they work correctly.

Is there something wrong with the LaTeX commands above ?. It should display as a fraction (A over B).


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The first command debugs me fine (using Matlab). The second doesn't.

Usually 'tex'

expresses concepts of a lower level than 'latex'

. This demonstrates that the constructor is frac

not available in the interpreter 'tex'




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