How do I properly reproduce the input sound (like echo)?

I am just starting to learn the Audio SDK for iPhone / iPad, but my question is simple (hopefully).

Is it possible to immediately "play" the sound from the input? For example, if you speak into a microphone, can I play it back through the speakers (or headphones) right away (like a sound monitor)?

(I am using xcode 4.2.1, I would prefer iOS 4.2 as baseline)



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It's not really easy. As noted above, it will provide feedback, but I've worked a lot with audio and I don't think it will get you much feedback unless it plays very loudly. The mic and speaker point almost in the same direction and don't stack up a lot on each other I guess.

Start here

If you follow the instructions there and take the input from the input buffer and feed it directly to the output buffer, it should work in theory (I haven't tried it yet).



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