How to add tex to an octave graph

I have a bar chart and I am using text () to display the fractions above each of the columns. For example:

text(1, 20, "300/400")


displays the string "300/400" at position (1.20).

Now I would like to clear the fractions so that “300” appears above “400”:



Is there a way to do this with tex or latex for example?

I've tried each one, but the interpreter doesn't get it:

text(1, 20, '\frac{300}{400}');
text(1, 20, '\frac{300}{400}', 'interpreter', 'tex');
text(1, 20, '\frac{300}{400}', 'interpreter', 'latex');



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It looks like this is not yet possible in Octave. The TeX interpreter does not support the \ frac structure, and the LaTeX interpreter has not yet been implemented.



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