How to save file using Eclipse Compare Editor

I cannot find a way to save the changes made to the project files using a two-way comparison of two local project files. I can go through the differences and copy the changes from left to right, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to save those changes. I have looked at files outside of Eclipse after copying the changes from left to right and they are not updating.

Here is a help site explaining what I am doing it sayz 'you can save the changes to the resources that are made in the comparison editor. ' but does not say how ...

I can just copy and paste the contents of the merged file into a new editor window, but that seems like a silly way to get around this. I guess I could also create a diff patch and apply it to my project as well ...


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It seems like using the * nix command diff

is part of the cake:

diff -rupN original/ new/ > original.patch


as stated in "The Ten Minute Guide to Difference and Fix"



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