Subdomain substitution in subdomain in cpanel?

I want to create a substitution subdomain for the subdomain something like * Is it possible to create such a domain name in cpanel?

Also, when I create a lookup subdomain in the main domain ie *, then is sent to * there. How do I get cpanel input to when * is configured?


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You asked two questions. Ok, let me answer them separately.

  • Answer to your first question is dependent on the host . If your host supports wildcard subdomains , in most cases the sub-subdomain wildcards are also supported... But the very obvious condition is that already exists before creating *. strong>

  • The answer to your second question is that lookup subdomains are always resolved last time. , i.e. If you have and *. configured in cPanel , only non-existent subdomains like and will allow *. . >. If anyone tries to access, * is not allowed because already exists.   

      So, if you can currently access the cPanel through , then your CNAME record will have strong> DNS as ... Since this already exists, your pattern will not be allowed. ... You should be able to access the cPanel via without issue. If you can't access it at all,, and (sometimes not) are always there.


   Hope it helps ...




This page explains how to create wildcard subdomains:

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