As you know, my AI project? AI communities?

I am working on an artificial intelligence project, I am currently working on a full "knowledge representation" approach. Expressing everything that a person can express, basically.

I want to share my vision of the way to create artificial intelligence. Where is the place for this?

I looked around and didn't find a "living community" for artificial intelligence. I've seen forums for a specific AI related project. But this is not the most suitable place. It doesn't feel right to go to the forum forum and start talking about "how to create AI".

My project needs help from others. And so far I have not found help.

Is there an "artificial intelligence community"? Where can I talk about my language? And share my vision ?

If not, perhaps I should start an AI community myself? But then again, I am an outsider to established AI researchers. I don't know what I need to do to attract people to me.


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AI is a very active scientific research area.

Submit scientific articles about it. Through paper, you can connect with people interested in your stuff.

If it's not worth an article or academic article, then it probably isn't worth the community either.



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