What ports should be open for AD server authentication from asp.net site to IIS web server outside of domain?

I am running a project for a website that needs to use Windows Authentication in IIS on an active directory domain. However, the web server is not on the domain. It is located on a separate hosting facility and will be on our premises during development. Are there specific ports on the firewall that need to be open in order for this to work? Do we need a DNS or host record for a domain server? Or is it completely impossible?

Barring, can I use System.DirectoryServices to authenticate and figure out which user groups are all over the network, from our development web servers and client web server on the DMZ to the domain server?


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Microsoft Knowledge Base article 179442 tells you the ports required to establish a security channel through the firewall.

(Note: I'm actually not sure if you can achieve Windows Authentication without having a web server as a domain member. It might be a stand-alone domain with a suitable client domain trust.)



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