Should I check it on the JSR286 podium for a new web project?

I am about to start a completely new web project.

The project should have a different small window containing html generated from another website.

One important requirement is that when the user submits the form in a window, no refresh message should appear in the other window.

My leader told me to look into the jsr286 portlet (does coz portlet sound like a window?). But look at some example (pluto portal / jetspeed2), none of them support this requirement, whenever a window is sent the whole page is sent.

My basic idea is to use an iframe on each window and let the iframe do the rest (e.g. link to an external website, handle the submit form).

Personally, I don't think the iframe fits well with the jsr286 portlet. And most of the window has nothing to do with each other, so the processEvent is optional.

So my questions are:

for a new project with such a requirement (separate form submission), is it worth checking against the jsr286 portlet?

If so, how does an iframe work in different portlet modes (VIEW / EDIT / HELP) or in a window (MAX / NORMAL / MIN)?

Many thanks!


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there is a good explanation here that you can point your team leader to. He says:

Mashaps and portals are like content aggregation technologies. Portals are an older technology developed as an extension of traditional dynamic web applications, in which the process of converting data content into tagged web pages is broken down into two phases: generating "snippets" markup and aggregating chunks into pages. Each piece of markup is generated by a "portlet" and the portal combines them into a single web page. Portlets can be hosted locally on the portal server or remotely on a separate server.

and, critically:

Portal technology - server - side , presentation layer aggregation.

therefore, aggregation is performed on the portal server (even if the portlet servers are separate), this is due to the need to scale the server to large sites, not for clients that span multiple sources). and why the feed is refreshing the whole page (because it has to load a new page from the portal).

which should help clear things up, since this sounds like what you are looking for is client side aggregation (I don't think I'm telling you anything new here, but I'm giving you links to "corporate speeches" that might seem more convincing).

(so it's not clear just in case, your requirements sound like you need a client-side mashup. The portlets won't work because they are compiled on the server side. iframes will work but have some limitations (size, scaling, styling / dynamic changes) I was going to suggest combining things on the client using javascript with a backbone , but I'm worried you will have problems pulling data from different sites due to restrictions on accessing javascript from a webpage. looks like this article is worth reading ...)



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