Has anyone tried to do automated tasks via PCOMM or x3270 using Perl?

Has anyone tried to do automated tasks via PCOMM or x3270 using Perl? I am doing some operations on Mainframe via PCOMM and x3270. Since some tasks involve a lot of repetitive operations, I'm trying to find an easy way to automate these tasks on the Mainframe.

By the way, Perl is my favorite language, so I just mentioned Perl here.


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You should do some research on PURPLE QUOTE SITE = JES. This allows batch FTP jobs to be executed directly in the JES Spool. I do this dozens of times a day (maybe hundreds) to get my computer to do tasks on the mainframe. If it can be done in batch, then this is a great way to do it. And, of course, Perl is a great way to create and process JCL before submitting it.

Another thing to learn if you are using Telnet for the mainframe, it opens the TSO command dialog (like option 6 in TSO). There are many things you can do there too. Of course, if you do IPL and the like, you already know this.

My problem is that I am not a systems programmer, so I cannot control the settings of the mainframe. There are a lot of settings that the guys on my system are too lazy to peek at, so they just shut them out. I found out about Telnet about a year ago, which I used to see if the job was over (which is the hard part of it ... knowing when the job is done). The next thing I know is Telnet access has been disabled.

I have a lot of things that allow me to do things on the mainframe through Perl. Amaze me and I would love to share them with you.



I am not mainframe, but check it out


"I am automating 3270 Perl applications using an IBM Personal Communications 3270 terminal emulator on Win32 via Win32 :: OLE. It is very well documented and works very well."

This is some sample code: http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=674214

Using IPC for Session Management:


I hope this help.




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