Hibernate Annotations, creating a 3rd entity from existing two entities without annotating an already annotated table

I have two tables named USER and ROLE with objects using USER and ROLE. Now I want to create another object using this above entity so that I can get data from both tables.

Another table is called USER_ROLE, which contains two fields: "user_id" and "role_id".

I need to accomplish this thing using hibernate annotations.

I tried to create a third object with annotated table as USER table and properties are some fields of USER table and Collection of ROLE table. But the error here is that I have annotated the third object with the USER table, which is already being annotated with the custom object.

So now I have to make this third object without annotating any table, I have to access two objects that are already accessing the table.

how can i accomplish them using hibernate annotations.

kindly help me on this issue

thanks, rajNaveen


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As far as I understand, what you are looking for can be found in this tutorial . Just see how @JoinTable is used.

Hope it helps !!!



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