Emacs: move point to last character without spaces

M-m( back-to-indentation

) moves point to the first non-whitespace character in the line. I would like to do the opposite: move point to the last character with no spaces in the line. I haven't been able to find a "built-in" command for this, and I don't know enough about ELisp to write anything, so any help would be appreciated please.


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(defun my-move-end-of-line-before-whitespace ()
  "Move to the last non-whitespace character in the current line."
  (move-end-of-line nil)
  (re-search-backward "^\\|[^[:space:]]"))




Usually in this situation I want to go to the last character with no spaces, and also remove the trailing space, so I use this:

M-\ runs the command delete-horizontal-space, which is an interactive
compiled Lisp function in `simple.el'.


On the rare occasion that I would like to preserve whitespace, I just use M-b M-f( backward-word

, forward-word

), which is usually close enough.



I wrote this function to bind to Ce (usually move-end-of-line

). Ce works as usual, but if your pointer is already at the end of the line, it will remove trailing spaces.

(defun my/smarter-move-end-of-line (arg)
  "Move to the last non-whitespace character in the current line.

Move point to end of this line. If point is already there, delete
trailing whitespace from line, effectively moving pointer to last
non-whitespace character while also removing trailing whitespace.

If ARG is not nil or 1, move forward ARG - 1 lines first."
  (interactive "^p")
  (setq arg (or arg 1))

  ;; Move lines first
  (when (/= arg 1)
    (let ((line-move-visual nil))
      (forward-line (1- arg))))
  (let ((orig-point (point)))
    (move-end-of-line 1)
    (when (= orig-point (point))


Remap Ce:

;; remap C-e to 'smarter-move-end-of-line'
(global-set-key [remap move-end-of-line]




I think phils answered your question. Another prisoner of war. Leading white spaces are very annoying, invisible and error-prone (?). So I have a hook before-save-hook

to remove them.

;;; delete nasty hidden white spaces at the end of lines
(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'delete-trailing-whitespace)


So your indented operation becomes simple for me C-e




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