Tcl: Extension and Threads Interaction

Can multiple instances of Tcl_PackageInitProc () run concurrently (on different threads) if TCL has been configured for threads?

For backward compatibility reasons, I believe calls to initialization and unloading procedures should be serialized.

The manual does not talk about behavior: are the calls to these routines serialized or are the required extension developers dealing with synchronization, in a specific mutual exclusion, in these routines?


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Tcl does not guarantee that these functions are called in a serialized manner; if your code cares, it should use a suitable mutex. Tcl provides portable primitives in its C library that you use like this:

#include <tcl.h>

// MUCH easier to have this as its own function
static void OneTimeSetup(void) {
    static int doneSetup;

    if (!doneSetup) {
        // Do critical once-only setup here
        doneSetup = 1;

int My_Init(Tcl_Interp *interp) {
    // Declare the API version we're using, e.g., for 8.5...
    if (Tcl_InitStubs(interp, "8.5", 0) == NULL)
        return TCL_ERROR;

    // Call out to our setup code

    // Install Tcl commands/variables/... here

    // Ready for action!
    return TCL_OK;




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