How to jump to the rightmost window with just one keystroke?

I found the window manager in vim to be quite powerful. We can use it to split the window into whatever we want. But when the number of windows reaches more than 4, it will cause one problem: it stops jumping to the rightmost window. Because the rightmost window is used to display the taglist in my vim. I don't like how the type will CTRL+wjump into the rightmost window twice or more. Is there an easier way to do this?


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:nmap <C-\> <C-w>200l   


then you press ctrl- \ will allow you to go to the most correct window.

you don't actually need to press cw repeatedly. if you have 10 windows open and you are now in the third window, you just type ctrl-w 10 l. to go to the largest window.

from the help:

CTRL-W_L | CTRL-W l go to the right window Nth (stop at the last window)

you just need to give N



If the previous window was TagList, you can use <C-w>p

to navigate to it.

You can also use <C-w>b

to go to the last window in the lower right corner.



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