VF2 (or other) implementation of graph isomorphism in Java

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VF2 subgraph isomorphism

I want to implement the graph isomorphism algorithm in Java, but I have to face a lot of problems due to a little programming experience (maybe logic). After some research, I discovered that there are three heuristic algorithms available: Ullman, Nauty, and VF2. VF2 is considered the fastest and easiest to implement, as some PhD student told me. I have read the document on VF2 but unfortunately I don't understand how it works (in code) and what to do with the feasibility study rules. Many guys here link to the implementation of the C ++ code, but unfortunately the link doesn't open. Also, one user (Rich Apodaca) suggested looking at his implementation (MX) for VF2 for chemists, but didn't specify which files, just a big project ...Help me implement isomorphism algorithm in java (VF2 is better because of speed) and point to working code (not the whole project, it's hard for me to understand the structure) in Java or C ++ (which I don't know, but at least I can try ). Thank.


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Try the implementation used by the S-Space project.

It contains a good implementation of VF2.

The VF2 algorithm is here:



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