Sharepoint 2007 person selects group for individuals

I'm using a custom SharePoint SharePoint users control Web Part ( PickerDialog

, CustomQueryControl

, EntityEditorWithPicker

). The control worked fine, but Sharepoint SP3 was applied and the control no longer allows me to expand the group object into individual objects during postback in a text box after an item is selected from the people picker dialog.

I've tried OnValueChangedClientScript

but can't access the textbox. I would like it to expand the group object to individual objects the way it was used before SP3 was applied. I understand that SP2 was more forgiving than SP3, but is there a workaround?

Additional info: I assigned new values CommaSeparatedAccounts

after the dialog exits and postback occurs, then we can update the people picker textbox with new values ​​and then set CommaSeparatedAccounts

SP3 no longer has postbacks and will not change the values ​​in the textbox by setting CommaSeparatedAccounts



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