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I've tried following this ML inheritance chain:

Slide <- SlideLayout <- SlideMaster <- default styles in SlideMaster

to get the x, y, width, height properties of the text content in the PPT slide, but I'm not sure if I'm getting the correct value. Could you tell me if I'm doing the right thing? Can you also tell me how to uniquely identify this text object in Slides, SlideLayout and SlideMaster?



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Refer to the next Answer to define the text height and width properties.

To determine if you have the correct text, enter unique text into the slide and the Open XML Productivity Tool to find it. You can use the tool to find your unique string on the slide and reflect the code to create it.

Finally, to understand Slide XML Presentation, I recommend reading the free eBook Open XML Explained to provide an explanation of how the correct presentation document is formed to help you better understand where it should be.



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