Displaying keys with Vim

I want to switch to using vim, but I have one important requirement for any editor:

I need to map a key `to a key =(since I made the equal key the backspace key, since the real backspace doesn't work (long haha))

It looks like I can't seem to find this in vim (not meaning that I'm quite a noob in it). There are many links to :map

, but I can't figure out how this works I want. Any help for newbies?


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You just put this in your vimrc:

nnoremap ` =
xnoremap ` =
inoremap ` = 
cnoremap ` =
onoremap ` =


which will reassign `to = in normal, visual, insert, command line, and operator standby modes.

For details see :help map


Note that it is probably better to redo '

than `

, with the latter being more useful (go to the mark while keeping the column number).



You can try this:

:inoremap ` =


I also find it useful to use it Ctrl-Has a backspace key in mode insert




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