Accessing the SVN server from a computer on a work subnet via an SSH tunnel

I am trying to access my SVN production server via an SSH tunnel to a separate machine.

Something like this: (Local_Machine) - SSH_Tunnel -> (workstation) - LAN -> (SVN_Server)

Now I can connect to my workstation via ssh, but cannot access the svn server through the tunnel on my local machine.

Am I trying to do this, or do I need to also tunnel to SVN_Server from a workstation?

Additional Information: Local Computer is a Windows 7 window using putty into the tunnel. Workstation is another Windows 7 box using winsshd. SVN_Server is a Windows Server 2008 window (no SSH access)


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The endpoint of the remote tunnel does not need to be on the same computer. This way you can set up a tunnel that is sent from your local machine to the remote SVN server. This is how you can do it using the ssh command line:

ssh -L 3690:svn_server:3690 workstation


This connects to your SSH server on your workstation and sets up a tunnel from local port 3690 to port 3690 on svn_server


If you are already going through a tunnel to get to your workstation, you can embed that tunnel into an existing tunnel.



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