How to install a program developed in J2ME (JavaME) in BlackBerry WITHOUT re-downloading?

My subordinate has a very unreasonable demand.

I have developed a small application in JavaME . Everything is good.

He tests the app on various BlackBerry models. In some models, after installing .jad , the phone asks to re-download, in other cases you can use the application immediately after installation.

As a new requirement, the application should be functional without reloading.

Could you please tell me how to do this? and with what JavaME code ? Didn't find any relevant information ( in the code ).

Please note that the application is developed with Java and NOT with the BB SDK . Moreover, I don't know the BB architecture to understand why in some cases it needs to be reloaded (nor the architecture of other mobile phones that work with JavaME !).


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If the app was not previously installed on the device (or the device was rebooted after uninstalling the app), you don't have to reboot after installation. There are a number of reasons why uninstalling or replacing (updating) an application will require a restart. They all boil down to the OS, has only one instance of the JVM, and it still holds references to objects defined in the application.

A very simple application that hasn't started since the last garbage collection can be replaced without rebooting. Any application that registers a listener or other objects with the OS or runs in the background usually requires a reboot.

To check what a new customer has experienced without ever using your application, before trying this:

  • If the app is installed on your device, uninstall it.
  • If the device does not restart, please restart it (Alt-Caps-Del or battery power).
  • After the restart is complete, install the app.


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