Amazon Mechanical Turk Submit Button Not Working

Below is a snippet of a survey I would like to do on Amazon Mechanical Turk.   

$ {offer_text}: $ {offer_text2} I know about the product
       I am NOT aware of the product      

     1 2 3

It appears as two radio buttons to select and a dropdown to select a value. I used a survey template. However, when I did try to post it, the submit button (note that I didn't insert it here) and the amazon's golden send hit button crashed. Am I missing something? I need to call GET / POST somewhere to post the results to amazon. According to the documentation, mturk should automatically get it for me. (I could be wrong here).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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MTURK reseller UI automatically wraps everything in a set of tags <form></form>

. No doubt you've added an extra set of such tags, also nested within the HIT, which then causes the HIT to crash (i.e., cancel the submit button and make it impossible to submit).



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