Is query character limitation for PHP scripts done via command line?

(Backstory: My PHP script executes another PHP script via the command line (PHP command "exec ()") so that the cURL session generated by the target script does not cause the original PHP script to hang. I do this to send transactional email without slow page loads for my user if the email servers are lagging.)

I am calling a PHP script like this:

exec ( "[php] [target script] [querystring]" ), [querystring] HTTP-GET- ( = & 2 = 2). , script , , PHP- , PHP.ini, PHP- $argv, , ( - querytring .)

, : ? , ? HTTP - - , Apache GET ? , , , ?


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I don't think there is a character limit, if it is, it is probably determined by the operating system you are using, or the language that translates into your memory in this case.

Hope that's the answer to your question.



Note that PHP installations with the suhosin package installed will have a default 512 character limit for getting parameters. Despite bad practice, most browsers (including IE) support URLs up to 2000 characters, while Apache has a default of 8000. To add support for long parameters with suhosin, add suhosin.get.max_value_length = to php.ini



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