Open source Dropbox software?

Open source Dropbox software?

I have a VPS and I want to use it for cloud storage. Is there any open source software to sync folders with a server this way?

Should work on Linux.


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Take a look at the following.

Based on ghoti's comment.

The difference between cloud storage and remote backup is mostly buzzword, the number of remote hosts your backup is stored on and easy sync / use.

Other remote backup solutions that may meet your needs include

  • unison also see automatic remote backups.
  • rsync also see manual with ssh, rsync and lsyncd
  • cron, ssh, and a version control system of your choice (git, sunbverstion, etc.) (cron job executing a commit command at a given interval, use postcommit hooks on the server to check for additional copies in others to use more than one host )


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