Mobile safari 5 does not respond to js events until further acton

So check with ios 5 / mobile safari 5 or simulator click the image on the scroller at the bottom and a lightbox will appear.Try to click the following button, you noticed that nothing was happening. Now if you zoom in / out or change orientation or scroll the page, the image will change.

js works because the next / prev will become enabled / disabled when you click on them, but it doesn't do the animation part until further action. Why is this? is it common? If you try the same page on ios 4 it works fine.


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Don't use a handler click()

, use a handler mousedown()


Mobile devices have a hard time between a click()

and a mousedown()


The required change is line 472 in common.js

, change

var o=p(f,c.prev).click(function(){b.prev()}),q=p(f,{});


var o=p(f,c.prev).mousedown(function(){b.prev()}),q=p(f,{});

Either this, or for each such navigation button when creating, use:



Where selector

is the jQuery selector for a specific element.

Or you can just use $(class).off

to clear the handler once and for all.



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