PHP HTML5 to PDF converter required

I know this is not really a question that poses new positions, but after days of searching and not being able to find one that suits my needs, I decided to seek advice from the community at large.

I am currently running PHP5 on Apache2.2 server . I should have satisfactory results on a Linux and Windows XP machine (test server is Linux, deployment server at the moment is Windows XP). I'm having a nightmare of getting reports for my company's web application to print evenly across different machines and decided it was best to create PDFs.

I was looking for a suitable converter and html2pdf looks the most promising, but I can't get it to actually function (it spits out a huge amount of amortization warnings and ends up with undefined functions no matter which library I try to use it from) so I don't think that this is viable for my situation.

To clarify what I really want, for my user to click a link (or button) on my site and generate a PDF for it to download and view instantly. Also, I want it to use my current HTML5 reports and just convert them instead of forcing them to recreate using native PDF libraries.

So experts, can anyone point me in the direction that will lead to success?


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It's worth it too:

I seem to remember that it didn't work for us as the pagination controls weren't as good as Prince - but take a look. This free:)



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