Use DOMParser or SAXParser from Nekohtml in Android project

I am trying to use nekohtml to parse an html file.

Problem: When I use DOMParser or SAXParser I get the following messages:

  In my console:


error handling: Dx bad utf-8 bytes 80 at offset 00000021 ... when parsing cst 0213 at offset 00001732 ... when parsing cst 0053 at offset 00000176 ... when parsing org / apache / xerces / impl / xpath / regex / Token.class ... while processing org / apache / xerces / impl / xpath / regex / Token.class malfunction processing: [2012-03-07 18:50:32 - info] Dx bad utf-8 byte a0 at offset 00000004 ... when parsing cst 00c0 at offset 00000909 ... when parsing cst 003b at offset 00000106 ... when parsing org / apache / xerces / impl / xpath / regex / ParserForXMLSchema.class ... when processing org / apache / xerces /impl/xpath/regex/ParserForXMLSchema.class

Dx warning: Ignoring the InnerClasses attribute for an anonymous inner class (org.apache.xerces.impl.xpath.XPath $ 1) that does not contain an associated EnclosingMethod attribute. This class is probably not meant for the modern .class format. The recommended solution is to recompile the class from source using a modern compiler and without specifying parameters like "-target". The consequence of ignoring this warning is that reflexive operations on this class will be invalid, that it is not an inner class.

   In my LogCat window:


Could not find method org.apache.xerces.xni.NamespaceContext.declarePrefix referencing method org.cyberneko.html.xercesbridge.XercesBridge_2_3.NamespaceContext_declarePrefix

FY: Cannot resolve interface method 5699: Lorg / apache / xerces / xni / NamespaceContext ;. declarePrefix (Ljava / languages ​​/ String; Ljava / languages ​​/ Sring;) Z

Create a copy of Lorg / cyberneko / html / xercesbridge / XercesBridge_2_3; .NamespaceContext_declare Preferred code (24 bytes)

I am not putting the whole message because long

Please, I want to know how can I fix this problem .. thanks


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