Find open source Java projects that use JUnit and Ant

I am currently doing some research and I am looking for open source Java projects that use JUnit and Ant. Ideally, I would like to have projects that vary in size / complexity / domain as well as the coverage of the test suite.

I find it difficult to find suitable open source projects that meet these criteria:

  • There are some JUnit test cases in the project
  • All JUnit test cases can be run from one test class (i.e. JUnit TestSuite)
  • The project uses Ant for building and testing

I'm sure the community will benefit from a list of used open source projects that meet the above criteria. You can always learn from projects that use these technologies. As a side bonus, researchers could also quickly identify suitable open source projects for their research.

Below are the eligible open source projects according to the criteria:


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Well, I just came across JSR-166 , Java Specification Request for Various Concurrency Utilities. The source code has a top-level Ant task and a fairly extensive JUnit-based testuite. As an added benefit, the units under test are actually classes that are included in the JDK, which has several benefits:

  • They are very well documented, which is usually not the case.

  • Since they are part of the JDK, they should be familiar with most experienced Java programmers by now. Understanding supporting infrastructure such as a build system or test suite is difficult enough without having to understand the actual codebase.

However, there are a couple of problems:

  • The current code is a bleeding edge - literally! The current version already requires at least Java 7 and seems to target Java 8. You might want to get an older version of the code that is closer to the Java versions used in production.

  • The JSR-166 source code is not well organized. The obvious problem I faced was the lack of a singular root of the package and the redundancy of the default package-related classes. You have been warned ...

PS: This question doesn't really fit on StackOverflow as it doesn't have an answer. I gave this answer to point out an obvious code repository, that is, in Java, which inexperienced programmers tend to ignore completely as they consider it part of the system ...



marc4j fits your requirements. You can download the project, unpack, then compile and run JUnit tests with the included ant script.



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