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How to replace a part of a string with a potentially unknown starting index. For example, if I had the following lines:

"<sometexthere width='200'>"
"<sometexthere tile='test' width='345'>"


I would like to replace the attibute width, which may have an unknown value and, as stated above, to an unknown starting index.

I understand that I will somehow have to base this on the next part which is constant, I just don't quite understand how to achieve this.




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using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
Regex reg = new Regex(@"width='\d*'");
string newString = reg.Replace(oldString,"width='325'");


This will return a new line with a new width if you put a number between "'in the new width box.



So far, you have seven answers telling you to do the wrong thing. Don't use regular expressions to execute the parser. I am assuming your line is a piece of markup. Let's assume it's HTML. What does your regex do with:

    var width='100';
<blah width =
... and so on ...


I would bet just like the dollar that it replaces the JScript code, which it shouldn't, and does not replace the blah tag attribute - it is perfectly legal to have a space in the attribute.

If you need to parse the markup language then parse the markup language . Get a parser and use it; what parsers are for.



Take a look at the Regex class , you can search for attribute content and return value using this class.

Disable cuff Regex.Replace can do the trick:

var newString = Regex.Replace(@".*width='\d'",string.Foramt("width='{0}'",newValue));




Use regex

Regex regex = new Regex(@"\b(width)\b\s*=\s*'d+'");


where \b

indicates that you want to match an entire word, \s*

allows zero or any number of whitespace characters, and \d+

allows one or more numeric placeholders. To replace a numeric value, you can use:

int nRepValue = 400;
string strYourXML = "<sometexthere width='200'>";

// Does the string contain the width?
string strNewString = String.Empty;
Match match = regex.Match(strYourXML);
if (match.Success)
    strNewString = 
        regex.Replace(strYourXML, String.Format("match='{0}'", nRepValue.ToString()));
    // Do something else...


Hope it helps.



You can use a regular expression (RegEx) to find and replace all of the text in single quotes after "width =".



You can use regex like (?<=width=')(\d+)


var replaced = Regex.Replace("<sometexthere width='200'>", "(?<=width=')(\\d+)", "123");"



Now: <sometexthere width='123'>



To achieve this, use regular expressions:

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;


string yourString = "<sometexthere width='200'>";

// updates width value to 300
yourString = Regex.Replace(yourString , "width='[^']+'", width='300');

// replaces width value with height value of 450
yourString = Regex.Replace(yourString , "width='[^']+'", height='450');




I would use Regex .
Something like this to replace the width value with 123456


string aString = "<sometexthere tile='test' width='345'>";
Regex regex = new Regex("(?<part1>.*width=')(?<part2>\\d+)(?<part3>'.*)");
var replacedString = regex.Replace(aString, "${part1}123456${part3}");




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