How can I get clipboard copy events from Mac OS X to be transferred to the Oracle VM Arch w / i3 window manager?

I am running arch linux with Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager on Mac OS X 10.7 and am faced with a problem where I cannot select text in my Mac OS X world and paste it into Arch land ... I tried to install a program called KeyRemap4MacBook and mode Mouse Keys → [option] Space in MiddleClick ...

When I try to copy some text from Mac OS X, or from a terminal inside the i3 window manager, pressing option-space does nothing.


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Have you installed Guest Additions in your virtual machine? I believe the bi-directional clipboard would not work without them.

If you find that you often have to share the clipboard, you may find more success by running your VM in headless mode (see VBoxHeadless

or --type headless

in chapter 7. Then you can use something like TightVNC

to connect directly to the guest and autocutsel

to get shared clipboard over VNC connection.



As Goyuix mentions, VirtualBox Guest Additions are the key to copy between OS X and the VirtualBox environment, see the steps here:



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