Integrating AWS SDK as a Library in Codeigniter

Is there already a handy CI 2 library for AWS SDK 1.5.x? If not, what would be the steps to turn them into one?

I found a 3 year post on Tarzan Integration (AWS SDK Preliminary Index) in CI 1 here: . I am wondering if these instructions persist? One of the differences I noticed was that the way the AWS SDK 1.5.3 announces that its access IDs have changed, and I'm not really sure how to continue informing CI about this.

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The blog post you linked is still mostly valid, here's what you need to do:

First place the SDK in a subdirectory folder inside the library (e.g. aws-sdk-for-php). This is the awslib.php file in the libraries folder:

class Awslib {

    function Awslib()


And then just use whatever AWS service you need in the controller, say SQS:

    $sqs = new AmazonSQS();
    $response = $sqs->list_queues();


Don't forget to provide your credentials and rename the sample config file.



Try this CodeIgniter library for amazon



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