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In my ASP.NET MVC application, I have a form and I am using a ViewModel, so the ModelBinder can bind to my strongly typed class. I am using DataAnnotations to check

public class FormViewModel
    public string SomeValue {get;set;}

    [Range(0, 10, ErrorMessage="Enter a number between 0 and 10.")]
    public byte? SomeOtherValue {get;set;}



This works great. However, the problem is when the user does not enter a valid value for SomeOtherValue (like abc), MVC standard error appears: "The value 'abc' is not valid for 'SomeOtherValue'. This is really annoying as I cannot customize this message. I know that there are ways to localize this message, but that just doesn't make sense (I don't want a generic message, I want a value whose value is).

I tried to apply the RegularExpression attribute to "SomeOtherValue" which only allows byte values, but the standard check is probably "overriding" this check. Is there a way to apply a custom value "value is not valid" to the property or otherwise disable the default message?


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Here's another (imperfect way, IMHO) to fix it if the custom validation attribute doesn't work for you. In the controller:

if (!ModelState.IsValid)
    string fieldName = "ThatFieldName";
    var m = ViewData.ModelState[fieldName];

    if (m != null && m.Errors.Count > 0)
        ViewData.ModelState.AddModelError(fieldName, "You mucked that field up.");




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