Is there a way to * accurately resize an Image in Plone on the fly?

Just to be clear, this method is not what I'm looking for:

<img tal:define="scale context/@@images"
 tal:replace="structure python: scale.scale('image', width=42, height=42).tag()" />


This method actually resizes the ImageField. I want to resize an image object to a specific and precise resolution with no ratio. Any way to do this?

- edit -

The Image object for me is one of the items displayed in portal_types on the ZMI. In a few words, I want the same behavior of the code above, but by the type of image.

Cheers, Alessio


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Image objects contain an image field that can be changed. But you can't resize the image object itself, which doesn't make any sense. You can define any number of custom images (which will affect image margins in image objects) in the control bar. However, you cannot resize images on the fly.

You can use an add-on product such as ImageEditor ( to provide custom editing / resizing for end users. This is very useful, but it may not be what you want.



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