Why does lftp mirror display chmod files

I am very new to lftp so forgive my ignorance.

I just ran through the space of my lftp script, which basically consists of a line like this: mirror -Rv -x regexp - just existing --only-newer --dry-run / local / root / dir / remote / dir

When he prints out what he is about to do, he wants to chmod a bunch of files - the files I grabbed from svn never changed and should be identical to those on the server.

My local machine is Ubuntu and my remote server is Windows. I have several questions:

  • Why is he trying to do this? Is it trying to map file permissions from local to remote?
  • What happens when it tries to chmod the files? As far as I understand, Windows does not support chmod - would it just gracefully and leave the files alone?

Many thanks!


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Use the -p option and it shouldn't try to change permissions. I've never sent to a Windows server, but you're correct in that it shouldn't do anything with the permission levels in the Windows box.



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