Clozure CL on Mac OS X: Get Rid of the GUI?

I want to run the CCL REPL from the command line. What can I do to prevent CCL from triggering this GUI function (menu and listener window)? Thank.


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Homebrew has a recipe for Clozure CL and it will set everything up as you'd expect.

$ brew install clozure-cl

Now enter ccl

or ccl64

at the command line.



After digging into Applications/CCL

I found this:

$ ./dx86cl64 
Welcome to Clozure Common Lisp Version 1.7  (DarwinX8664)!




Here is the solution.

I originally installed CCL "Mac way" - from the App Store (silly me). No matter what I called dx86cl64 it always opened the listener window.

I uninstalled the app, downloaded and unpacked it to / opt / ccl -1.7. Then I created ~ / bin / ccl with this content:

exec "/opt/ccl-1.7/dx86cl64" -K utf-8 $*


The problem has been resolved.



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