Can I use "chrome: // thumb /" or capture a thumbnail without using "captureVisibleTab"?

I am trying to grab a thumbnail of a website in my Chrome extension.

I looked into capturing sketching techniques, I found two ways. 1. use "captureVisibleTab". 2. use thumbnail capture on web api for example; .

But I feel that this is not a very good way, because my extension uses a lot of thumbnails that were obtained. So, I want to do it differently, like using "chrome: // thumb /". Is there a way to do this?

-2012/03/22 Thanks to Dbz, elpsk. And I am sorry for answering too late.

Can you give me an example of a thumbnail you want to capture? - Dbz

I want 200x150 images in the top left corner.

A similar question here: / ... - elpsk

Sorry, I have already read this question. But unofficial extensions cannot use "chrome: // thumb / {url}".


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