Can pony mode be used with django-html-mumamo-mode?

I am just starting to use Django and I want to use framework-aware mode. I went through the django wiki and found out that there are many emacs modes for Django, making it difficult for me to decide which mode to use. Pony mode has many features to make your workflow easier, and django-html-mumamo mode is great for editing templates. I want to use two modes, but I don't know if they will coexist perfectly. Also, template editing is included in the Pony feature list, but I don't know if that's enough (since templates can include snippets of different languages), so I'm considering using django-html-mumamo mode with ponies. It can be done? Any suggestions for working with django in emacs are also welcome.


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I haven't actually tried this (I just found out about Pony Mode due to your question, it looks awesome), but I would assume that by default you get weird behavior.

However, I would say that if you commented out lines 1138 and the hook added is at 1159 . (Of course, these lines will change as the mainline changes). Pony mode should pair well with django-html-mumamo-mode.

Should: I haven't found any links to tpl

anywhere else in pony-mode.el

, which is a ridiculously crude metric. But it also looks like the pony-tpl mode is only loaded into this file so that the author can add it as a binding to the html mode.



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