How do I get the line height of emacs mode?

Actually, I want to create an XPM image and draw it on the mode line using the display

text line attribute . However, mode line heights appear to be different as a result of different fonts.

This means that I need to know the height of the emacs mode line and use that to generate an appropriately sized XPM image so that the generated image can completely fill the mode line.

My question is just showing as a title, how can I find out the actual (finally rendered) line height of the mode after applying a certain font?

I've looked through the emacs documentation through apropos

what I've found now:
I can use a function font-info

to get the height of the font in the current frame. I guess maybe I can get what I want out of this, although so far I have had no luck.

And I cannot find any function related to mode line height.


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(- (elt (window-pixel-edges) 3) 
   (elt (window-inside-pixel-edges) 3))




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