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My company uses CM Synergy as a code source control tool, maybe it's my own problem that I can't make this tool very enjoyable. But in my experience, Hg, Git or SVN are very helpful to me. Is there a way to convert an open source control archive to CM Synergy?

I know there is a way to convert CM Synergy archive to Git:


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I once had to work with TFS for a while and install Mercurial / TortoiseHg. Then I created the Hg repository in the working copy folder that was already under TFS management. There is no problem with these tools in the same folder because they use different control folders (.hg and .tfs), and of course, if you don’t spoil your opinion with them :-) Then I worked with Hg as long as possible, and only for TFS when bug fix / feature was completed.

Perhaps it works with Hg and CM Synergy in the same way.



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