Changing the SSMS Application Name

Can I change the name of the application that SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) uses when connecting? We need to change it so that we can distinguish between different instances. I believe this is not a setting option.

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In the connection dialog box, go to the "Options" section, select the "Advanced connection options" tab and write:

Application Name=<YOUR APP NAME>




Yes, it's called a pseudonym. See here for setup instructions.



As described in the docs for APP_NAME()


To set the application name in Management Studio, click Options in the Connect to Database Component dialog box. On the Additional connection parameters tab, specify the application attribute in the format;app='application_name'

However, I only managed to get this to work in a new management studio session, i.e. close the program and add the parameter the first time you connect to the specified database



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