Exporting table data to csv file using mysqldump

I want to export table data to csv file using mysqldump.

I want to do something like:

mysqldump --compact --no_create_info --tab=testing --fields-enclosed-by=\" --fields-terminated-by=, -uroot -proot mydatabase mytable


but i keep getting this error:

(Errcode: 13) when executing 'SELECT INTO OUTFILE'


I made my test folder writable (I'm using Ubuntu as an enviornment). Can anyone explain how to export the table to a CSV file or how to change my command shell to work? Thank!


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The problem with all of these answers INTO OUTFILE

or --tab=tmpfile

is that it requires running mysqldump on the same server as the MySQL server.

My solution was to simply use mysql

(NOT mysqldump

) with the parameter -B

, include the SELECT statement with -e

, and then mass the ASCII output with sed

and exit with the CSV including the header field line:


 mysql -B -u username -ppassword database -h dbhost -e "SELECT * FROM accounts;" |sed "s/'/\'/;s/\t/\",\"/g;s/^/\"/;s/$/\"/;s/\n//g"


"ID", "login", "password", "folder", "e-mail" "8", "Mariana", "57d40c8a954bc9e65f401592062019b1457be359", "Mariana", "" 3 "," squaredesign "," b01134fac01dab0765afcb955 squaredesign "," mkobylecki@squaredesign.com "" 4 "," miedziak "," 601f1889667efaebb33b8c12572835da3f027f78 "," miedziak "," miedziak@mail.com"" 5 "" Sarko "," 480225f1ac707031bae300f3f5b06dbf79ed390e "," Sarko "," "6", "Logitrans Poland", "9033b6b3c4acbb27418d8b0b26f4c880ea6dea22", "LogitransPoland ", "" 7 "" Amos "," 50f5604164db2d5ff0e984f973d2202d5358b6a6 "," Amos "," "9", "Annabelle", "07e832cb64e66fa03c13498a26a5f8e3bdebddf1", "Annabelle", "" 11 "," Brandfathers and Sons "," f08b194668249e4cb81fbb92df846e, "Imagine," "Brandf5cathers," Imagine " "e86f1645504c7d5a45ed41d16ecc39ed19181773", "ImagineGroup", "" 13 "," EduSquare.pl ","80c3c099f4ecc043a19f1527400d63588567a0ad "," EduSquare.pl "," "101", "TMM", "b01134fac01dab765bcb55ab0ca33f9ec2885a7b", "_", " WOBC-14.squareamadesign.atlassian.com "

Add > outfile.csv

at the end of this one line file to get the CSV file.



Check out this link. It shows an alternative for exporting your table to a csv file.

Export CSV directly from MySQL

I hope this is helpful.



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