Convert voxels to DICOM in mm ^ 3

I am converting some 3D area in voxels in DICOM files to mm ^ 3. I want to be really sure here because I only have DICOM files and I cannot measure this 3D area that I want physically in mm ^ 3.

In the DICOM files, I see that I have access to the voxel size, so if for example I got a voxel count, I would go for:

mm^3 = voxelCount * (voxelWidth * voxelHeight * voxelDepth)


It sounds logical, but somehow I feel like I might be missing something. DICOM files have other information such as "slice spacing", "slice thickness", etc.

So, generally, what are all the variables that need to be taken into account in order to obtain a formula for such a calculation? How do we calculate this?


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You want to read section C.7.6.2 of part 3 of the standard, which describes the image plane module. In a nutshell, the PixelSpacing (0028, 0030) attribute gives you the width and height of the voxel. SliceThickness (0018, 0050) tells you the depth. Please note that there may be a gap between the slices.



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