Is the strcmpi function a standard version of the ISO standard?

I noticed the difference between linux and windows. strcmpi is in the Windows C Standard Library Implementation, but not in the GNU C Standard Library Implementation. Is the strcmpi function in the ISO-defined C standard library? How can I get a standard file? Thank.


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In the POSIX standard (aka, UNIX) strcasecmp()

, but it is not part of C99 / ISO-C.

Note. If you are comparing the above link eg. one for strcmp()

, you'll notice that the latter explicitly references ISO-C, while the former does not. A useful feature of OpenGroup links.

Edit: Since the language dependency was mentioned as being complex, see the link above for strcasecmp_l()

which allows you to explicitly specify the locale to be used for the conversion. Windows has it _strcmpi_l()

for this purpose, again sticking to its own naming conventions.



No, this is a non-standard extension. Unix-like systems usually have strcasecmp

one that performs the same task as MS strcmpi




No, the fast CTRL + F in the standard returns nothing for strcmpi

. This means that it is a non-standard extension (of which both Windows and GNU are many).



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